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A Guide to Recreational Marijuana in Champaign County

January 3, 2020

On January 1, legal recreational cannabis in Illinois hit shelves at a couple locations in the greater Champaign County area. We anticipate, as does the Illinois state legislature and governing body, that some of the sales of legal marijuana will be from out-of-state visitors. Our area plays host to visitors from all over the country and world, which is why we want to take time to guide you through the legal changes.

While this isn't a comprehensive list of all rules and regulations regarding legal cannabis in Illinois, we hope it helps break down what's allowed and what is not. For more details on the rollout of the law, please see the full adult use cannabis summary regarding HB 1438 – The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

The law brings a whole slew of questions on rules, regulations, and the purchasing process. Whether you live in Illinois or take a visit to our state, here’s an overview of the new marijuana laws and where to buy cannabis in Champaign County.

The Facts Behind Purchasing Recreational Marijuana in Champaign-Urbana

Curious about the facts behind legal marijuana in Illinois? Here’s what you need to know.

Weed is still illegal in neighboring states.

If you’re coming from a state where marijuana is illegal, it will still be illegal if you bring it from Illinois. So, let’s say you buy edibles from a licensed dispensary and travel back to Indiana, Iowa, or any other state without legal marijuana.

If found, you will be charged with state laws preventing marijuana possession. It doesn’t matter if you buy it in Champaign-Urbana legally; your state calls the shots on marijuana possession once you cross back into its border.

There are limits to how much weed you can carry, depending on its form.

Pot (Leaf form) - 30 grams of pot in leaf form is the maximum.

Edibles (brownies, gummies, etc) - 500 milligrams

Cannabis concentrate (Oils, Creams, etc) – 5 grams in the cap

You cannot smoke in vehicles or public places.

It is still illegal to smoke in public or inside vehicles. Likewise, if you rent, you cannot smoke weed in your rental property without landlord’s consent. Lastly, if you live in public housing, weed is still illegal to consume in publicly subsidized property.

If you own your home, you can smoke legally purchased marijuana inside your house.

Three Noteworthy Facts about Recreational Cannabis in Illinois

Made in Illinois:

All marijuana sold in dispensaries across the state will be grown in Illinois (in one of the state’s licensed “cultivation centers”).

Don’t Grow on your Own:

Want to grow your own cannabis? Only state-registered medical marijuana patients can do that. (The limit’s five per household.)

Medical patients get priority:

Shortages in the early months of legal weed in Illinois could likely lead to shortages. If supplies start running short, particularly on flower, medical patients will become the priority over recreational users.


Sunnyside Dispensary - 1704 S. Neil St., Champaign, IL 61820 - (217) 305-4009

NuMed Urbana - 105 E. University Ave., Urbana, IL 61801 - (217) 607-2867


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